Land Transportation

ABC CARGO LOGISTIC S.A.S offers a comprehensive range of ground transportation services, including international collection/delivery, cargo handling, and specialized equipment. Move your goods easily, quickly, and safely with us.

ABC CARGO LOGISTIC S.A.S offers its clients a wide range of local, national and international land transportation services designed to move our clients’ goods easily, quickly, safely, profitably and with high quality. To ensure the coverage of all your needs, our services are tailored to the requirements of your operation.


 International service for the collection / delivery of goods
 Transportation of nationalized cargo
 Multimodal Transport (OTM / DTA)
 Cargo handling in express and consolidated
 Transport of extra-dimensioned / extra-heavy cargo


Thanks to our wide network of national and international strategic allies, we offer our clients access to a variety of vehicles, such as:
 Tractor trucks
 Crib bed
 Van Vehicles
 Lift truck

ur entire operation.

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