We are the leading level 1 customs agency in the Colombian market with more than 30 years of experience. We provide technical, legal and logistic advice in the development of foreign trade operations in Colombia, providing reliable services in the customs procedures of import, export and customs transit amounts.
We have an integrated RPC Tracking information system, so you can deliver our customers real-time online information to track your purchases and nationalization processes.



ABC STORAGE is as industrial user of the Free Trade Zone of Bogotá who offers comprehensive logistics services for your foreign trade operations with no border limitations to be able to fulfill the offer and demand of your products and/or goods in your international negotiation processes.
ABC STORAGE We are an Industrial Services User with more than 11 years of experience in logistics and Customs Systems. Our main objective is to satisfy all the needs of our customers within an integrated logistics services supply chain emphasizing on the safety of the goods, service quality, compliance with the Trade Zone legislation and customer´s satisfaction.
Based on this continued commitment with the security of the operations, the quality of the services provided, the welfare of our human resources and the impact on the environment that our company generates, ABC STORAGE S.A. continuously implements management systems geared at achieving operational excellence in the fields of: Industrial Safety, Occupational Health, Environment, Quality, human resources suitability, among others, enabling us to grow at operational and human level.


ABC Moving & Relocation


ABC Moving and Relocation (ABC M&R) is the division within ABC Cargo Logistic S.A.S that offers Mobility Solutions. With exclusive and personalized programs, we have been servicing employees in multinational corporations, government entities and individual clients for more than 15 years. We offer an excellent service supported by specialized representatives with international experience and high safety standards. Under these parameters, we meet the needs of each executive and his/her family before, during and after their stay in Colombia.