According to the Colombia laws, as freight forwarders we had to incorporate electronically 48 hours (ocean) and 6 hours (air) before of cargo arrival to the Colombian port and airports, our schedule is from Monday to Friday since 7:30 to 18:00 Colombian time.

In order to verify the information that appears in the transport document, we need the copy of the follow documents:

• Mater bl / awb
• House bl / awb
• Manifest
• Freight value sold to the customer

Whit these documents, we will do a verification and approval with the customer in order to send to the system of Colombian custom, called SYGA.

These instructions are created for avoiding discrepancies, mistakes, or filling out of time, because if we do not have these documents, penalties, cargo detention, penalty fee, and the qualification reduction to Colombian customs:

  1. For ABC Cargo the penalty is 50% of freight values and the qualification reduction to Colombian customs.
  2. For the customer, delays in the release by custom and over costs in the operation.

This is our operations department, where you can send by email the property documents and confirm the issue order of BL's or the courier number which sent the original bls or documents, to these emails: